Dear Customers

We are pausing our services.  We have decided to take a break in order to improve our services. We want to Thank  you for all the support over the last 2 years.  We will be coming soon with more variety and new menus.

We are taking  some classes overseas that requires travel. This includes Thai and Oriental meals,  Argentinian BBQ and also Colombian and Peruvian cooking.  This is part of  our constantly improving quest to provide you with quality meals.  We are a small company and everything we do is prepared the same way we would cook for our own family.  “Homemade Style”


Thank you!

Carolina – Caro’s Kitchen



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    We’ll send you chef-prepared meals crafted with only the highest quality ingredients. Our refrigerated boxes...

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  • Personal Chef at Home

    Caro's team will shop, cook, and clean up! You can relax and enjoy the Latin Flavor. Caro's Kit...

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  • Catering To Your Doorstep

    For quality event catering services, Caros Kitchen is the perfect option for you!...

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Our gallery

  • Baked Salmon with caper sauce

    Baked Salmon with caper sauce, mashed cauliflower and spinach salad with mandarin orange. Tropical vinaigrette. Calories 700
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  • BBQ Pork Chops

    Grilled pork chops with bbq sauce, coleslaw salad,baked potatoes. Calories: 600
    View more
  • Caro’s Gourmet Lassagna

    Caro’s Gourmet Lassagna
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  • Latin Style Mixed Rice

    Latin Style Mixed Rice - Arroz Atollado
    View more
  • Pineapple Salsa Pork

    Pineapple Salsa Pork
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  • Honey Mustard chicken breast

    Honey Mustard chicken breast
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  • Tuna Soufflé with Vegetable

    Tuna Soufflé with Vegetable
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  • Curry Chicken

    Curry Chicken
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  • Salmon with Shrimp Sauce

    Salmon with Shrimp Sauce
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  • Grilled Chicken with baked sweet potato and fresh baby spinach

    Grilled Chicken with baked sweet potato and fresh baby spinach
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  • Chicken Wrap and Beans

    Chicken Wrap and Beans - Delicious
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  • BBQ Pork with Fried Vegetables

    BBQ Pork with Fried Vegetables
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  • Spanish Chicken and Rice

    Spanish Chicken and Rice
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  • Pork with pineapple sauce

    Pork with pineapple sauce, zucchini and baked mashed potatoes
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  • Meatballs, Rice and Pumpkin

    Meatballs with red sauce, white rice and Pumpkin curry
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